Episode 27 - Steve Siler Part II, “Music for the Soul”

March 12, 2017


Steve Siler is a prolific song writer; the winner of four GMA Dove Awards and numerous CCM # 1 singles to his credit. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Music for the Soul, a Christian ministry that exists to creatively use the power of songs and stories as a bridge to hope and healing for those facing life’s most difficult issues.

A few of the issues and topics discussed include:

  • The range of topics in the Music for the Soul catalogue including issues such as breast cancer, eating disorders, sexual abuse, abortion, suicide, grief, sexual addiction, and others.
  • How Music for the Soul collaborates and serves individuals and family members, churches and pastors, therapists, Music Therapists, Pastoral Counselors, seminaries, and topically-focused ministry groups and small groups.
  • How Steve got a phone call from his close friend to attend a sex addicts anonymous meeting and ended up writing the Somebody’s Daughter project/DVD (this podcast features a full-length play of the song Somebody’s Daughter).
  • Steve’s book, Music for the Soul, Healing for the Heart



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