Episode 26 - Steve Siler Part I, “Music for the Soul”

March 5, 2017


Steve Siler is a prolific songwriter who has to his credit 4 GMA Dove Awards and 9# singles. He is the founder and director of Music for the Soul in Nashville, TN, and is the author of Music for the Soul, Healing for the Heart

In Part I of our 2-part interview, a few of the vtopics we discuss include:

  • Steve's embarrasment over accepting an assignment to write a song for Chippendales male strip club.
  • He struggles with how much of Christian music addresses issues on the surface of life and how there are too many happy endings.
  • How Music for the Soul speaks to people in life's most difficult circumstances.
  • This episode features the full length song, "Chaos of the Heart", written for those grieving the suicide of a loved one.



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