Episode 29 - David Donaldson Part II, “Awake and Alive at 85”

March 26, 2017


In this episode Michael continues his conversation with saint and sage Dr. David Donaldson, 85 year old clinical psychologist who continues to practice psychotherapy after more than sixty years.

In this part of the conversation, David shares the wisdom gained from living 8 1/2 decades, specifically—what he has learned about grace, the journey to wholeness, and what he’s thinking about heaven.



Episode 28 - David Donaldson Part I, “Awake and Alive at 85”

March 19, 2017


In the 19th chapter of the book of Leviticus, God speaks through Moses saying, “‘Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God.” Another translation reads, “You shall rise up before the gray-headed and honor them.”

On this episode and the next, Michael will be honoring the “gray-headed” man who has taught him more than ANYONE about the heart of God and the restoration of the soul. Dr. David Donaldson is a clinical psychologist who has practiced psychotherapy for sixty years. At the age of eighty-five he continues to see clients at his practice in Golden, Colorado. Born in 1932 and raised on a farm in Missouri, David went on to earn a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller.



Episode 27 - Steve Siler Part II, “Music for the Soul”

March 12, 2017


Steve Siler is a prolific song writer; the winner of four GMA Dove Awards and numerous CCM # 1 singles to his credit. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Music for the Soul, a Christian ministry that exists to creatively use the power of songs and stories as a bridge to hope and healing for those facing life’s most difficult issues.

A few of the issues and topics discussed include:

  • The range of topics in the Music for the Soul catalogue including issues such as breast cancer, eating disorders, sexual abuse, abortion, suicide, grief, sexual addiction, and others.
  • How Music for the Soul collaborates and serves individuals and family members, churches and pastors, therapists, Music Therapists, Pastoral Counselors, seminaries, and topically-focused ministry groups and small groups.
  • How Steve got a phone call from his close friend to attend a sex addicts anonymous meeting and ended up writing the Somebody’s Daughter project/DVD (this podcast features a full-length play of the song Somebody’s Daughter).
  • Steve’s book, Music for the Soul, Healing for the Heart



Episode 26 - Steve Siler Part I, “Music for the Soul”

March 5, 2017


Steve Siler is a prolific songwriter who has to his credit 4 GMA Dove Awards and 9# singles. He is the founder and director of Music for the Soul in Nashville, TN, and is the author of Music for the Soul, Healing for the Heart

In Part I of our 2-part interview, a few of the vtopics we discuss include:

  • Steve's embarrasment over accepting an assignment to write a song for Chippendales male strip club.
  • He struggles with how much of Christian music addresses issues on the surface of life and how there are too many happy endings.
  • How Music for the Soul speaks to people in life's most difficult circumstances.
  • This episode features the full length song, "Chaos of the Heart", written for those grieving the suicide of a loved one.